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Free shipping on orders over $49 within the U.S.

Holiday Gift Guide

November 01, 2017

With the hectic holiday season fast approaching we at Trader Sam's Coffee have put together some seasonal coffees, goods and even a gift set perfect for any occasion.

Our seasonal winter roast this year is The Happiest Brew That Ever Sailed. This is not your average peppermint mocha flavored coffee though. Trader Sam has put his unique spin on it to bring you a chocolate candy cane inspired flavor you won't find anywhere else. A joy to share with family and friends gathering during this festive season, it truly is a small world.

Trader Sam Tip: Top it off with whipped cream and crumbled candy canes for a decadent sweet treat!


We have also released a winter edition of our famous Adventurer's Mug. This red and white version features our logo on one side and our slogan on the other. This version will only be around through the holidays so get yours now!

Trader Sam Tip: You'll always come out a-head when drinking Trader Sam's Coffees our of the official Adventurer's Mug. If you don't believe us, you're in de-nile!


Looking for that perfect gift that fits everyone for any occasion? Trader Sam has put together this holiday gift set. Packed in this beautiful ready to give red gift box is a selection of our 5 most popular coffees and the winter edition Adventurer's Mug. Just click, order and ship to your favorite coffee or Disney lover. You're holiday shopping is complete!

Trader Sam Tip: Socks and underwear make awful gifts.  Give Trader Sam's quality coffees and goods.


For the ultimate in fashion this season pick out one of Trader Sam's vintage apparel. There's plenty to choose from with our selection of logo tees and sweatshirts, graphic label tees and hats to make you the envy of all the skippers.

Trader Sam Tip: Our apparel keeps you warm during those chilly safari boat rides.